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Mia Sabel

Leather Designer and Saddler

A change of career meant that Mia decided to study saddlery at the only 2 year, full-time course in the UK. She achieved the Cordwainers’ Diploma in Saddlery at Capel Manor and is now a fully Qualified Saddler. Mia makes bespoke watch straps, made-to-measure belts and pet collars, creates stationery and accessories and undertakes commissions and prototypes. She is the recipient
of a QEST scholarship and has completed the Walpole Crafted Mentorship 2014 Programme.

Primarily using English bridle leather, she hand-prepares, hand-stitches and hand-finishes all of her leather products in a traditional way, applying the high standards required of saddlery.


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Walpole Crafted Mentorship Programme 2014

Craft&Design Selected Awards: Specialist Media Finalist 2012

2nd place Level 2 Saddle, Festival of Leathercraft

3rd place In-hand Bridle, Festival of Leathercraft

QEST Craft Scholar Award

2nd place Bag Design, Festival of Leathercraft

3rd place Harness Breeching, Festival of Leathercraft

Premium Award, Society of Master Saddlers – Level 2 bridle

1st place Lorinery Assignment

1st place Lorinery exam

1st place Leather Belt Design (Forest belt), Festival of Leathercraft

2nd place Innovation Design (leather sewing box), Festival of Leathercraft

CPD - Small Leather Goods with McGregor & Michael

Upholstery at John Cass Art College

Bag making with McGregor & Michael

Leather restoration with McGregor & Michael

Awarded Qualified Saddler status

Level 3 Saddle, Level 3 Bridle

City & Guilds Level 3 Cordwainer’s Diploma in Saddlery

Level 1 Bridle, Level 2 Bridle, Level 2 Harness

Society of Master Saddlers Introductory Saddle Fitting Course

Horse osteopathy evening course

C&G Level 2 in Design and Craft Leathercraft (7823-04)

BHS Stage 2 Care, BHS Riding & Road Safety, BHS Stage 1 Riding/Care

Remus Horse Sanctuary: Aromatherapy for horses and Shiatsu for horses

Central St Martins’ College, BA(Hons) Graphic Design (1st class)

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