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Choose from the available selection of Key Straps, Keyrings, or request a bespoke design with optional name/Initials.

Trigger Hook Key Strap

To fit up to 1.5” Belt, using a traditional saddlery fitting – a billet hook rein fastening.

Heart, Shield and Holly

Can be decorated with hearts, crosses, Fleur de Lis, letters (some patterns can be cut-outs, eg hearts). Holly comes with hand-painted wooden red berries, scented with essential oils. Can be used as Bag Tags.

Luggage Tags

A rectangular shape in a wide variety of colours. Can be personalised with lettering and stamps.

Monkey Fists

Based on the sailor’s knot to help weigh down the end of rope, the Monkey Fist is made from leather thong and tied around a marble.