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Bags & Cases

A range of bespoke Bags and Cases can be made to your requirements. From the delightful and unique Stirrup Bag, to traditional Attaché and Document Cases.

Stirrup Bag

A series of unique Hand-bags made from reclaimed stirrup irons with a choice of leather exterior, lining and stitching. The Stirrup Bag holds the essentials: credit card, mobile, keys and lipstick.

The Bag is hand-stitched in waxed linen thread, using boxwork and double-hand stitching. Where seams are exposed, leather is hand-burnished to seal the edges.

Hand and Shoulder Bags

Hand-stitched leather bags to your specification.

Attaché Case

A traditionally-made case that is made to the same pattern and standards as for Asprey Cases.

Document Case

Pockets, Locks, Pen Holders to your specification.

Framed Bags, Purses and Satchels

Bespoke items to customer requirements.


Much like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, SABEL Saddlery now offers customers the chance to redeem their own wayward satchel before it falls victim to inappropriate restoration.