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From Casual Jean Belts to Classic Dress Belts, all are hand-stitched and polished using bridle leather.

Stirrup Leather Belt (plain or lined)

A replica Stirrup Leather, these belts have the same style buckle (nickel or brass) and stitching with 12 oval holes with optional numbers.

Conway belts

5/8”, 3/4” and 1” buckles on a free-size belt. Perfect as a gift if you don’t know their size. Can be worn normally in trousers, or outside a shirt, crossed over to sit on the hips.

Belts with brass or nickel buckle

Belts from 5/8” up to 3” wide, depending on buckle, either yours or ours. 1” Dress, 1.5” Casual raised keep buckle and double tongue buckle.

2” Utility belt with Carabiners

Suspend your tools, or add optional pouches for equipment (mobile, etc)

Children’s 1” belts (personalisation optional).